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Dirk Guidry (b. 1987) is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based artist specializing in large-scale abstract, live events, landscape, and mural paintings.

Born in 1987, Dirk Guidry was raised in the small bayou town of Galliano, Louisiana. His artistic talents were recognized from a very young age and would help mold his path to become a professional artist. In 2005, Guidry moved away from the bayou to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The art program helped further his skills as well as develop his own unique style. In the spring of 2012, Guidry received his bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Painting.

Participating in various solo and group exhibitions, Guidry stays involved in the local art and currently lives in Lafayette. Aside from his well-known large scale abstract works, he utilizes his talents by also painting portraits, landscapes, live events, and murals. His works are on display in various locations throughout Lafayette and Louisiana.

Guidry’s work is held in private collections nationwide and has been featured in MarcDeck and Studio Visit among other publications.

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