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by Amelia

Amelia is a well-established artist within the community, boasting an impressive nine years in live wedding painting experience!

Originally from Savoy, Louisiana, Amelia's artistic journey led her to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northwestern State University.

Amelia's passion for art is contagious, and she brings an enthusiastic atmosphere to every event she attends! Her live wedding paintings are nothing short of stunning, capturing the essence of each moment!  

scale1 - AV.jpg

18 X 24"

Our smallest wedding painting offered. Best size for guest counts 150 or fewer.

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scale2 - AV.jpg

24 X 30"

Our MOST POPULAR wedding painting size.
The perfect gift for the happy couple to hang above the fireplace.

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scale3 - AV.jpg

30 x 40"

Perfect for large weddings, events, and everything in between. 30 x 40 is the best size for filling up that one wall you "really need a painting for."

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scale4 - AV.jpg

36 x 48"

This Big Boy is our largest painting size and commands the attention of any room that it's in.

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