By Dirk

18 X 24"

Our smallest wedding painting offered. Best size for guest counts 150 or fewer.

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24 X 30"

Our MOST POPULAR wedding painting size.
The perfect gift for the happy couple to hang above the fireplace.

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30 x 40"

Perfect for large weddings, events and everything in between. 30 x 40 is the best size for filling up that one wall you "really need a painting for."

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36 x 48"

This Big Boy is our largest painting size & commands the attention of any room it's in.

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Painting weddings is an incredibly unique way to capture the magic of a very special evening! 

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts, I strove to find new and exciting ways to bring art into the homes of others in a way that brings joy to your lives. It’s safe to say after many years and hundreds of weddings, watching the excitement grow in your guests faces as the painting unfolds never gets old!


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