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Circulate #24
Circulate #24

Circulate #24
Circulate #24


Dirk Guidry (b. 1987) is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based artist who specializes in Abstract, Mural and Live Event paintings. Dirk also works through various organizations in Louisiana to expand the value of art within our communities.




Circulate #12

Acrylic on canvas

72 X 48 X 2.5"



The ideas of circulation and flow, and how these words are used to describe my creative process, have become integral to my artistic practice. This circulation of energy- whether positive or negative- in response to our daily lives and the circumstances of our current political and social climate affect each of us. My work, by its nature, is fueled by this energy via my emotional and physical state, and the process of creating is like a rediscovery of who I am at each moment I come to the canvas.