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A Lafayette Couple's Art Adventure 🏠

Looking to add a touch of beauty to your home with an original piece of art? We've all been there. But for many, the process of acquiring that perfect first piece of art can feel daunting. This week, we meet Kathryn & David Dietzway, a Lafayette couple who embarked on their art collecting adventure with a simple goal: to find a piece that resonated with them and filled a specific space in their new home. What unfolded, however, was an unexpected journey of discovery, artistic connection, and a newfound appreciation for the beauty of original art.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourselves!

A: We have an almost 2 year old son, Tucker, who is the coolest little dude! We started dating in 2011 and have been married since 2015. Together we run a mental health practice called The Therapy Garden. The Therapy Garden is not just our work--it's our passion! We dreamed up The Therapy Garden while kayaking on Bayou St John in New Orleans sometime around 2017 and opened the doors in 2019. We love everything about our work there-- from the camaraderie among our therapy team to the honor of servicing our Lafayette community!

Outside of work we enjoy living a simple life full of quality time with the people and experiences we love, which includes going for family walks around our neighborhood, golf cart rides, enjoying local events and restaurants, relaxing on our front porch swing and soaking up nature whenever/wherever we can.

Q: What inspired you to invest in art, and why Dirk Guidry's work in particular?

A: Neither of us ever really thought we'd purchase art as lovely as Dirk's. We recently moved into a home that was built in the 80's by an architect for himself. There are certain spaces in the home that just seem to be custom made with the  intent of something beautiful and meaningful to go there. There is  a 5 foot wide, empty wall space in between two lovely tall, skinny windows in our dining room that we agreed was screaming for something intentional to live there. We agreed to leave the space empty until we found a piece we fell in love with no matter how long we needed to wait. We came across Dirk's booth at Festival International and were in awe of his abstract pieces. After thinking for a few days, we reached out to see if we could come browse more of his pieces! David knew he wanted an abstract piece, while I wanted something that felt local in essence. Dirk's work fit both of our hopes.

Q: Can you share your experience of the purchasing process and how it felt to acquire your first piece of art?

A: I was able to schedule a tour of his art work through the online scheduling system which felt really convenient. When we walked into his studio, we both felt like we were in a movie! David thought it was awesome that he had art all the way back from his college days through today for us to examine. He was also able to give us insight into his thought process behind some of the paintings, which made it even more meaningful to us. When I asked David to describe what this process felt like for him, he said "surreal." I agreed and said it felt deeply important somehow.

Q: How does the artwork feel in your home?

A: We both notice new aspects of the work every time we look at it, which is fun! When I stare at it, which is often, I feel as if I am actually sitting in an art museum eating dinner with my family!

Q: What role do you see art playing in your home and do you have future plans to expand your art collection?

A: I am excited to raise our son in a house where Dirk's art is regularly in his line of sight. I am excited to teach him about it as he gets older and to help him appreciate art. No plans to expand our art collection in the near future, but you never know!

Q: Any advice for first-time art collectors?

A: Be patient. Wait for something you connect with emotionally and aesthetically. 

Inspired by Kathryn & David's story and ready to embark on your own art collecting adventure? Visit Dirk's portfolio to browse his work. We can answer any questions you may have and are always happy to host you for a visit to the studio.

Want to learn more about Dirk Guidry and his artistic process? Enjoy this highlight from Acadiana Profile: Painting Rhythms.

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