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It's been a while.

Hey, everyone! I hope all of you are in good health, and doing well these days. I started this blog with high hopes of sharing with everyone all the fun and exciting projects I'd be working on this year... Needless to say, things changed. When quarantine began, I was excited to imagine what sort of art would be produced from this time and while being home has been wonderful to reflect, spend wonderful quality time with my wife and our children, and evaluate what's most important in my life, I missed the studio. After a two month break seeing the chaos unfolding in the world around me, I found it difficult to bring my thoughts together and create work. Painting is a wonderful way for me to escape from the disorder, and create something beautiful from it. I hope that everyone during this time can find something that offers them the same respite.

Since I am able to isolate in the studio, DGAS is fortunate enough to continue operations within the "new normal". Here's a few updates of what's been going on since we last spoke.


Wedding Paintings With restrictions in place many happy couples have had to reschedule or cancel their weddings. We have been, and will continue to be as flexible as possible for all our happy couples as they navigate during these difficult times.

Bookings for 2021 are coming in fairly steadily, and we have our fingers crossed for everyone that the pandemic will be better managed by then.

As things progress or change, we will be sure to update everyone accordingly.


Abstract Art

A number of our upcoming gallery shows, as well as The Other Art Fair- Dallas, have had to be rescheduled. Since quarantine, I've been hard at work in the studio creating new works, and I'm excited to share these with you all at my solo show come November.

With restrictions in place, accessibility will be limited if you'd like to see these pieces in person. So, I'll be sharing these works with you via online galleries and here on the website as well!



Most of our mural projects have been postponed to later dates, however we still are able to share with you a few of these that we were able to complete during quarantine, so stay tuned!


Commissions are open!

With weddings being postponed and some couples opting for elopements, we've been taking more commissions now more than ever! I have a few slots remaining for commissioned Portraits, Abstracts and Drawings from Photographs for 2020 so if you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out for more info!


As always, I appreciate your commitment and support of me, and the studio.

We will continue to provide you with gorgeous works of art, and hopefully a little bit of beauty during this time.

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